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Release Drafter

  1. Every time a PR is merged, the draft release note is updated to add a entry for this change
  2. We have a github release-drafter action which automatically does this after a PR is merged.
  3. It also increments the release version if this is the first PR for a new release. Note: This will only update the draft release note. We still have to bump the version as per versioning document
  4. When we are ready to publish the release, we use the drafted release note to do so.
  5. Release drafter categorizes the changes in the release into Features, BugFixes, Maintenance, Documentation categories as per the labels added to the PR

Adding labels to the PR:

  • Contributors can add appropriate label to the PR (feature, bugfix, documentation, maintenance etc.)
  • If PR contributor does not have the permission, Maintainers should add the label.