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Fetching the latest IAM Database information

initialize: This will create a JSON file to use as a data source database that contains all of the services available through the Actions, Resources, and Condition Keys documentation.

Note: This step is now optional. Typical use cases for running the initialize command are:

  • If you want to run --fetch and build the latest database from the AWS Docs. This is good if you want to try out the latest cool services.
  • If you want to verify the database contents on your own.
  • If you want to build the JSON data source database from the raw HTML files, rather than copying it from the package.

The database is stored in $HOME/.policy_sentry/iam_definition.json.

The database is generated based on the HTML files stored in the policy_sentry/shared/data/docs/ directory.


  • --access-level-overrides-file (Optional): Path to your own custom access level overrides file, used to override the Access Levels per action provided by AWS docs. The default one is here.
  • --fetch (Optional): Specify this flag to fetch the HTML Docs directly from the AWS website. This will be helpful if the docs in the Git repository are behind the live docs and you need to use the latest version of the docs right now.
  • --build (Optional) Build the SQLite database from the HTML files rather than copying the SQLite database file from the python package. Defaults to false.


# Initialize the database, using the existing Access Level Overrides file
policy_sentry initialize

# Fetch the most recent version of the AWS documentation so you can experiment with new services.
# This can be helpful in case the AWS HTML files in the Python package are outdated, even if it is a week old
policy_sentry initialize --fetch

# Build the database file from the HTML files rather than using the bundled binary.
policy_sentry initialize --build

# Initialize the database with a custom Access Level Overrides file

policy_sentry initialize --access-level-overrides-file ~/.policy_sentry/access-level-overrides.yml
policy_sentry initialize --access-level-overrides-file ~/.policy_sentry/overrides-resource-policies.yml

Skipping Initialization

When using Policy Sentry manually, you have to build a local database file with the initialize function.

However, if you are developing your own Python code and you want to import Policy Sentry as a third party package, you can skip the initialization and leverage the local database file that is bundled with the Python package itself.

This is especially useful for developers who wish to leverage Policy Sentry's capabilities that require the use of the IAM database (such as querying the IAM database table). This way, you don't have to initialize the database and can just query it immediately.